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Bova UK Special Manufacturer

7-9 Gorst Road

Park Royal


NW10 6LA

Tel: 020 3034 3100

Fax: 020 3784 8754


Contact: Nick Bova, Managing Director

A new entrant in the UK veterinary market with over ten years of experience in its specialised field of service. Bova UK is a London based Specials Manufacturer dedicated to broadening the treatment options for veterinarians.


Vetsonic (UK) Ltd

Riccal Drive

York Road Business Park


YO17 6YE

Tel: 01653 695333

Fax: 01653 639100


Contact: Kimmo Atkinson, Sales Director

Ray Rochester, Managing Director

Ellen Stephenson, General Manager

Vetsonic (UK) Ltd is a company specialising in many aspects of animal husbandry and medicine.

Working in partnership with some of the key pharmaceutical companies from around Europe, we bring both innovative and generic pharmaceutical products to the market alongside a vast range of animal health products, instruments and nutritional supplements.

In addition to this, we offer specialist services to the veterinary profession, including the worldwide sourcing of products, marketing of specialist veterinary equipment, training and diagnostics.

Vetsonic (UK) Ltd is a truly unique British company.

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