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Unit 23/24
Lawson Hunt Industrial Park
Broadbridge Heath
RH12 3JR
Tel: 01403 248244
CASCO Pet has truly earned the reputation of leading Pet Retail Experts. Established in 1997 we now have teams based in the UK, across Europe, the USA and Australia. Trusted by loyal clients across the globe, our products and services are tailor made for any business or institution requiring animal habitats, no matter how big or small.
The high quality material and build standards of CASCO Pet's enclosures make them perfect for providing pet care or holding quarantined animals.
Sick or injured pets can be easily monitored, cared for and comforted within our enclosures, and provide a healthy environment to aid recovery. Whilst helping to minimise stress our enclosures are extremely secure and can incorporate 'safe-rooms' to help caring and maintenance of the animals.

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