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Alpha Laboratories Ltd

40 Parham Drive


SO50 4NU

Tel: 0800 387 732

Fax: 0800 614 249


Quick and easy compliance with UN3373 Sample Transport Regulations

Are you mailing animal diagnostic samples? The innovative SpeciSafe® secondary packaging solution can make compliance with UN3373 dangerous goods regulations quick, easy and cost-effective. Available for many commonly used sample containers. SpeciSafe is a rigid secondary container with a bonded super-absorbent liner, so you never need to add absorbent. When used with a 95kPa pressure compliant primary sample container, only a flexible outer mailing envelope is required for road transport, or a box for air transport. What’s more, providing the primary tube is slim enough, the parcel can be mailed at large letter rates rather than parcel rates saving up to £3 per mailing.

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